Global Entrepreneurs


Jeff Bloise

The Founder and CEO of the business, made the app and brought together the team.

About Us

Sergio Guzman

The CFO of the business. Specializes in financial reports along with team building. 

Rafael Rios

Co-founder and COO of the business. Business analysis and marketing. 

The Team

Our team is made of seasoned young Entrepreneurs, just like you.  We each had a vision and collaborated to ensure its success. While each of our members has served or are currently still serving in the military, we are very Veteran friendly and support the troops globally. Each of us brings a unique service to the team which enables us to ensure quality in any aspect of the start-ups. 

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust 

When it comes to business, we are in the business of making business. So trust us when we say we know what and how to handle your companies future success. We provide professional service and excellent customer support regardless of the situation

02. Dedicated and Loyal 

If anyone knows dedication and being loyal its our Team. We have all served or are currently still serving in our nations finest military force. It does not get more dedicated than serving years for this great country only to ensure everyone has the right and ability to achieve their goals. 


03. We Treat You and Your Business with Respect

Your small business will help build local character and prosperity, contribute to the well-being of the community, create more jobs and provide better wages, spark more innovation and entrepreneurship and bring a wide range of products to the marketplace. You are the bedrock of our national and world economy and we want to help you become more successful in developing your idea(s) into profitable small businesses!